Father jailed by Dubai court for stabbing teenage son in the chest

Emirati M A, 40, was convicted at the Dubai Criminal Court of the attempted murder of his 16-year-old son.

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DUBAI // A father who stabbed his teenage son in the chest after drinking 10 cans of beer has been jailed six months.

Emirati M A, 40, was on Tuesday convicted at the Dubai Criminal Court of the attempted murder of 16-year-old S M A.

Prosecutors said that on April 14, M A stabbed his son in the left side of his chest with the intention of killing him. S M A managed to escape and called the police.

Officers and an ambulance arrived at the Al Rashidiya home and took S M A to Rashid Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

“When I arrived at the house, I first saw blood on the floor,” said Emirati policeman M Y, 24.

When he asked M A about the incident the man confessed to the stabbing.

The officer said that he smelt alcohol on the man’s breath.

During questioning, M A confessed to stabbing his son once, but did not elaborate on the reasons why. He also said that he had drunk 10 cans of beer that day.

A medical laboratory report found that the stab wound could have been fatal were it not for the quick response of ambulance crews and surgical intervention at hospital.

M A was also referred to the Court of Misdemeanours to answer a charge of consuming alcohol without a licence.