New exhibition displays eco-friendly creations built by Dubai Municipality employees

An exhibition organised by the transport department at the municipality highlights creativity.

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An exhibition organised by the transport department at Dubai Municipality showcases one employee’s creative approach to conservation and recycling.

The exhibition, which opened on Wednesday at the municipality’s main offices in Deira, displays the eco-friendly innovations of Humaid Saeed Al Marri, director of the transport department, and his support team.

“We have 120 products in different categories which are manufactured by myself and with the help of my employees using used spare parts of vehicles, parts of damaged vehicles and other recyclable items from wood, glass, bottle and cables,” said Mr Al Marri.

One of the items is a medium-sized glass table made from a shiny, silver-coloured car engine.

“The engine is from an old RV caravan that I used for travelling and camping,” Mr Al Marri said. “The engine stopped working one day, so I brought it to Dubai Municipality workshop, and got an idea to make a table.

“We cleaned it, put aluminium paint on it and added wheels so we can move it around, since it’s a big engine. We kept the pistons as they are to hold the glass.”

Mr Al Marri said the workshop was like a second home and he spends most of his time building and creating new objects there.

Part of his routine includes visiting workers and technicians daily to share new ideas and get their feedback about the new products.

“I believe in preserving the environment,” said Mr Al Marri. “There is a lot of material thrown away and not used. I would like to say to everybody that it is possible to reuse most material we throw away.”