Emirati teenager stabbed to death in Dubai street

Police said the victim's friend admitted to killing him

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - NOVEMBER 18:  A Dubai police Ferrari super car stands on display during the Dubai Airshow on November 18, 2013 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Air Show is the premier Middle East air show for trade and business delegates organized by F&E Aerospace.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
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An Emirati man stabbed his friend to death in the street then later walked into a police station and handed himself over, officers said on Thursday.

The 22-year-old allegedly killed his fellow Emirati, 16, with a kitchen knife after an argument. Police said he was under the influence of drugs.

It happened on Monday night in the Oud Al Muteena area of Dubai, a district to the north of Dubai International Airport, near the Sharjah border.

Officers said the suspect admitted the crime during an interview at Al Qusais Police Station on Tuesday.

He told police the pair had a row on the phone.

"He called me and then started insulting me and my family members. Before I could ask him why and what was wrong, he hung up on me," the suspect said according to police records.

The man said he called his friend again and asked him to meet near a supermarket in their neighbourhood around 11pm on the same day.

"Before I left, I took a knife with me, it was in my motorbike bag, then I met with him," he said.

"I asked him about his reasons for insulting me and my family. He kept silent as I repeated my question, which angered me."


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He said he flew into a fit of rage, took out the knife and tried to stab his friend in the shoulder, but the victim moved and the knife went into his head.

"I felt furious and kept on stabbing him without thinking, then when I saw a lot of cars stopping by at the sight of me stabbing him, I ran away," he said.

He denied any intention to end his friend's life and said he only wanted to teach him a lesson.

"The injuries he suffered were not fatal, I believe," he said.

Witnesses called police and an ambulance but the victim died before he reached Rashid Hospital.

An initial medical report confirmed that death was caused by deep stab wounds to the head and face. Other stabs wounds were found on the hands, arms and legs of the victim.

The suspect will be referred to public prosecutors for further investigation.