School Orchestra makes its debut concert

About 500 Emirati singers from public schools have been selected to take part in the concert.

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The Abu Dhabi School Orchestra will make history tomorrow as it performs its debut concert.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) established the student orchestra in partnership with the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, whose conductor and musical director has spent the past nine months visiting Abu Dhabi schools. An Adec representative also travelled to Ireland as part of the programme’s development.

About 500 Emirati singers from public schools have been selected to take part in the concert, which will be performed along with the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland. Instrumental musicians from public and private schools will also participate in the concert, which will take place from 6:45pm- 8:15pm at the National Theatre of Abu Dhabi to mark St Patrick’s Day. The concert will feature both Emirati and Irish music.

The concert, which coincides with Ireland’s National Day, is a celebration of learning through the exploration of Arabic and Irish instruments, different sounds, rhythms and music genres.

Following the formal launch of the Abu Dhabi School Orchestra, a board of directors will be appointed to raise awareness among students, parents and the community of the educational and social benefits of music and the importance of music education for children’s personal development.

A musical director/conductor will be appointed to drive the initiative, auditions will be held and training workshops will be organised. The aim is have the orchestra ready to perform, to the highest possible standards, within a 12-month period.

Extra-curricular activities centred-around music will be introduced to Adec schools in order to build the momentum to eventually move towards the formal integration of music to P-12 education.