Ministry of Education introduces uniform for senior pupils in government schools

The uniform will be compulsory for boys in their final four years of school

All senior pupils in government boys’ schools will wear uniforms from the start of the new academic year.

The Ministry of Education has approved the compulsory attire for pupils in grades 9 to 12, or ages 14 and up.

It comprises a white T-shirt bearing the Emirati school crest and navy pinstripe trousers.

The new uniform will replace Emirati national dress – a kandura and ghutra – which was worn to class previously.

“It is designed according to foundations drawn from the school environment, and the related educational assets and disciplines,” the ministry said.

A uniform for girls, also navy and white, was introduced in government schools last year.

The boys’ uniform is available at 149 shops across the emirates.

A list of suppliers was shared on the ministry’s Twitter feed.

Uniforms for younger children were introduced last year.