Dubai taxi driver who sent colleague to hospital with groin kick gets suspended sentence

DUBAI // A taxi driver who kicked his colleague in the groin because he was 10 minutes late in handing over the cab was given a suspended jail term on Thursday.

The 25-year-old Pakistani was waiting to start his shift on September 29 last year but his countryman colleague was late.

When the 53-year-old victim arrived at Oud Al Mutainah to hand over the taxi, he was screamed at and insulted by the angry cabbie, who then started hitting his colleague on the face.

The victim covered his face in self-defence only to be kicked in the groin, after which an ambulance had to be called by passers-by. He was taken to Dubai Hospital, while his attacker was arrested.

Afterwards the victim still suffered from severe pain in his groin so he flew home to seek treatment. His condition has improved slightly but he is still receiving treatment. The victim attended to court last month and dropped charges against his colleague.

A medical report estimated his injury to be a 15 per cent permanent disability in his groin.

The court sentenced the driver to three months in prison, suspended.

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