Dubai court jails illegal resident who paid boy for sex

Man deported from country tricked his way back in before paying a teeanage boy to have sex with him, hears Dubai court.

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DUBAI // An illegal immigrant who had sex with a teenage boy prostitute has been sentenced to a year and one month in jail.

MS, 35, from Pakistan, sneaked back into the country following deportation and soon afterwards met the boy, 14.

“He offered to give me money if I pleasured him,” recalled the boy. “I said ‘OK’ and we met several times. Then he tried to rape me, so I reported him to police.”

The man denied the boy’s rape allegation, but admitted paying for sex and said he was not aware of how young the boy was.

“I gave him Dh150 then he tipped off police, I don’t know why, but he told me he was 16 not 14,” said the man.

The boy said he decided to report the man after his father asked where he had got the money from.

At the Misdemeanours Court the man was found guilty of sexually exploiting a minor and infiltrating the country illegally after deportation. He was sentenced to a year in jail on the first charge and a month on the second charge. He will be deported after serving his jail term.

The boy was referred to the Juvenile Court on a charge of having consensual intimate relations with a man.