Drunken real estate agent jailed after police assault in Dubai

Man attacked two police officers set to question him over another alleged assault

A drunken real estate agent who assaulted two police officers as they prepared to question him over another alleged attack has been locked up for three months.

Police tracked down the Pakistani defendant, 36, after receiving reports he had assaulted and insulted another man in International City on April 10 of this year.

When officers approached the suspect, who was in a drunken state, he hurled abuse at them before throwing one of them to the ground as he tried to handcuff him.

“We saw the man who called us in block 7 at the Russian cluster, he showed us assault marks in his neck and face and showed us his shirt which was all torn up,” said the Emirati policeman, 22.

He said that there was sufficient evidence a fight had taken place  but as per law, they had to talk to the other man. “We went looking for him with the help of the victim, just as we found him, he started screaming and insulting us,” said the officer.

“He hit me on the chest then pushed me several times until he managed to throw me to the ground,” said the policeman, who suffered bruises as a result of the assault.

The defendant was charged with assaulting a police officer and with consuming alcohol without a license. “I had some alcohol, its true, but I didn't assault the officer,” the accused said in court.

He was found guilty of both charges and was sentenced to three months in prison and ordered to pay a fine of Dh1,000.

He will be deported after serving his term.