Drunk electrician in Dubai dock after ‘stabbing fellow worker in stomach’

The man is also accused of stabbing another accommodation mate in the thigh after rowing with the pair.

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DUBAI // A 49-year-old electrician is accused of attempting to stab one countryman to death and assaulting another with a knife.

Indian J M was drunk on July 17 when he picked a fight with the two men, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday morning.

He turned up at his company accommodation drunk and walked into the room where victims S M, 30, and J S, 23, as well as a friend, were sitting. He questioned the group about their reasons for being in that room.

“He was obviously drunk and angry. He asked why we were there and I told him the company moved us to this accommodation room,” said S M.

The victim added that he and the defendant had an argument, during which each pulled the other by the shirt.

Then the defendant left the room and the victims’ friend, fellow Indian K R, 25, followed him to talk about what had happened.

“J S and I followed them to the defendant’s room where he suddenly pulled a knife and stabbed me in the abdomen then, when J S tried to help, he stabbed him in the thigh,” said S M.

The victims’ accommodation mates called police and an ambulance while the defendant fled the scene.

However, he was later arrested and referred to prosecutors, who said he confessed to charges of attempted murder, assaulting the safety of J S and consuming alcohol without a licence.

The defendant entered a not guilty plea in court on Wednesday though.

A verdict is expected on December 9.