Decorate National Day cars with a view to safety, Sharjah and Ajman owners urged

Over decorated cars obscure visibility for the driver and violate traffic rules, a spokesman for Ajman police said.

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SHARJAH // Motorists in Sharjah and Ajman are being urged not to go over the top when decorating their cars for National Day and to stick to speed limits.

Too many decorations can reduce visibility and breach traffic rules, said a spokesman for Ajman Police.

“Police patrols will be on the roads to check any vehicles that are over-decorated and fine the drivers,” he said. “Next month’s celebrations will not bring a relaxation in the enforcement of traffic rules as this would result in loss of lives.”

Covering cars with large images, colouring side windows and decorating the front and rear windows are unacceptable. Anyone who does will face fines of between Dh200 and Dh500, said the spokesman.

Col Mohammed Shawaf, director of the traffic and patrols department at Sharjah Police, said the Ministry of Interior had set strict rules for decorating cars.

Decorations that follow the rules will be allowed from Thursday until the celebrations end next week.

“It is not allowed to print offensive words on the decorated cars or stickers, and tinting of the car glasses should be within the permitted percentage according to the ministry’s specifications,” said Col Shawaf.

“It’s also not allowed to overload cars with a huge number of people, and people are not allowed to sit on the roof or the front or rear parts of any car during parades.

“Stunt shows are also not allowed, or blocking traffic-flow on some roads.”

Motorists who break the rules will face stiff penalties, said Col Shawaf.

Sharjah Police will give out leaflets to motorists informing them of the safest and most respectful ways to enjoy the National Day celebrations, while keeping to traffic rules and not endangering lives.

Col Shawaf said officers would be deployed in most areas hosting celebrations, with police vehicles patrolling motorways to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.