Woman was blackmailed into sex, court told

Prosecutors charge two women and a man for consensual sex. The father of the blackmailed women told the court he would kill his daughter on hearing the charges.

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ABU DHABI // A man threatened to show indecent photographs of a woman to her family if she did not have sex with him, a court heard yesterday.

MM, an Emirati man, has denied blackmailing two women, also Emiratis. He also denies charges of consensual sex, threatening and minor assault and using abusive words to ASB.

Prosecutors have charged both women, MAS and A SB, with consensual sex. ASB is in Saudi Arabia and due back next week.

MM was asked by Chief Justice Baseer: "Have you blackmailed the two defendants by claiming they were involved in issues that are abrasive to family honour and asked them to have an unlawful relationship with you?

"You had photographs [of MAS] which you used to force her to go out with you, is that true?" he asked.

MAS has pleaded not guilty to charges of justification of an immoral act, for riding with the man alone in his car, and to consensual sex. She said the man forced her into his car by claiming he had video footage proving she was having a relationship with another man and threatening to show it to her family. She also claims he threatened to kill her if she told her family, but told her brothers anyway.

MAS's two brothers also appeared before the court yesterday. They were charged with damaging a person's possessions on accusations they attempted to destroy MM's car by crashing into it. The men both denied the charge and said the impact was accidental, and happened after MM stopped suddenly.

The father of ASB, told the court he would kill his daughter after the judge informed him of the charges against his daughter. Chief Justice Baseer hesitated to inform the father of the charges against his daughter and wanted to explain the difference between being charged and being convicted. The father initially showed understanding of the meaning but he got very angry when the chief justice told him she was charged with consensual sex.

"I will not be quiet about my honour and the honour of my daughter," the father shouted after he learned about the charges. "I will chop her head off. I will pull out her eyes."

The chief justice then told him those were mere accusations which could be false. He advised him to read the full details of the case.

The case, which was referred from Bani Yas Criminal Court to Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance on December 16, was adjourned until January 9, when lawyers are scheduled to present their defence.