Woman accused of masterminding kidnap and murder of businessman boyfriend

Chinese woman alleged to have urged gang of men - including her son - to carry out attack

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A woman masterminded the kidnap and murder of her businessman boyfriend in Dubai before fleeing from justice, a court has heard.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the 47-year-old Chinese woman urged four compatriots – including her son – to carry out the kidnapping of her partner, who died of injuries allegedly caused by the brutal attack by his captors.

The victim, also from China, had been reported missing by his 29-year-old son last August after he lost contact with his father.

Three of the Chinese men appeared before Dubai Criminal Court, but the woman and a fourth man accused of the killing remain at large.

Police records stated that the businessman, who was in his 60s, died after an altercation with the gang, who buried his body in desert land near Abu Dhabi.

Police discovered the victim had been staying in a hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai with his girlfriend.

An Emirati first lieutenant investigating the case said hotel cameras showed the victim leaving the hotel along with the woman and four men. "They used a Land Cruiser. We investigated its number and found that it took the men to a villa in Jumeirah," the officer said.

Investigations revealed the involvement of the woman, her son and three other men who left the country on August 8.

The man's son said he raised the alarm after receiving a voice message claiming his father had been kidnapped.

"He was with me in New Zealand and then went to Dubai. He sent me a voice message saying that he was with his female friend and would be travelling to Portugal but I couldn't tell if it was his voice," said the son.

He said he then received a message that his father was in Thailand, but was unable to locate him after travelling to the country.

“I then received a voice message stating that my father was kidnapped and we must pay for his release. I didn't know what to do. I went to China where I knew that multiple bank transfers were made from my father's account,” said the son, who later travelled to Dubai to report the matter to police since it was his father’s last destination.

Three of the men, including the woman’s son, were arrested upon their return on September 15 of last year.

During questioning, the men denied assaulting and killing the businessman. They said the victim had raped their female co-accused and when they confronted him, they fought, after which they said the man started having a seizure.

“They told us that they were scared and didn't know what to do so they took him to the villa and left him there for two days before they took his body to a desert area close to Abu Dhabi and buried it,” said the officer.

A medical report said that the victim, suffered multiple fractures in the back, head and chest.

The three defendants were in court but were not asked to answer charges of premeditated murder, kidnap and theft.

The next hearing will be on September 9.