UAE man has Dh4m lawsuit against airline over flight delay rejected

Airline passenger who filed Dh4m lawsuit after his flight was delayed by more than nine hours has his case rejected by an Abu Dhabi court.

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ABU DHABI // The flight is delayed, you sit for hours in the airport, fuming and frustrated at your inability to do anything about it: most of us have been there.

For one passenger, however, a nine-hour wait was more than he was prepared to take. So he sued the airline for Dh4 million.

The unnamed passenger told an Abu Dhabi court his flight had been scheduled to take-off at 3pm but was delayed until after midnight. It also took the airline more than two and a half hours to deliver his baggage after landing, and the delays left him “physically and morally exhausted”.

He claimed Dh4m for the “material and moral damages” he suffered, and presented the court with his booking information and a passenger list with his name on it.

The court ruled this was insufficient to prove the harm he claimed to have suffered, and dismissed the lawsuit. The passenger was also ordered to pay court costs and a lawyer’s fee of Dh200.