Taxi driver gets three years for attempted rape

Bangladeshi man gets three-year jail term followed by deportation.

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DUBAI // A taxi driver was sentenced to three years in prison today for attempting to rape a passenger.

OS, 26, from Kyrgyzstan, left the Lotus Hotel by taxi at nearly 3am on September 13 for her sister's apartment in Abu Hail area.

The Bangladeshi driver, DP, 26, noticed that the woman was drunk and instead of taking her to her destination, drove to an empty area at the beach.

"I felt scared and sensed something bad is going to happen so I took off a poster on the taxi's window which had the details of the taxi and its company's contact numbers, and put it in my purse" OS said.

The driver parked the taxi in a dark area and locked the vehicle. The woman asked him why he stopped and told him she would call the police but the driver moved from his seat to be next to her. He started hugging her and tried unsuccessfully to have sex with her.

When she felt she could no longer fend him off, the woman pretended to vomit and the driver unlocked the car and allowed her to get out.

"He let me out, then sped off," she said noting that she walked for a while until she found another taxi and went to Al Muraqqabat police station.

The driver will be deported after completing his jail term.