Rape case prisoner a no show in court

A central jail prisoner is alleged to have taken part in the gang rape of a fellow inmate.

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DUBAI // A central jail prisoner alleged to have taken part in the gang rape of a fellow inmate failed to appear in court this morning.

Despite his absence, AA, a 23-year-old Emirati, was accused in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance of joining three others in raping TJ on April 8 last year after he refused to give in to their demands for sex.

The policeman SK said he had questioned TJ, who told him he was alone in the prison ward when he was attacked.

SK said that TJ was scared of taking legal action against the men - who all denied the allegations when interrogated at Lihbab police station.

TJ said that he was so terrified that he informed only his mother about the rape. His mother then informed TJ's lawyer who called the police and lodged a complaint.

A forensics report did not find evidence of rape and concluded that TJ had consented to sexual relations in the past. However, the report also noted that traces of AA's DNA were found on TJ's clothes.

The court adjourned the case until March 7.