Man charged in police attack misses court hearing

He is charged with assaulting two officers and running away when they tried to arrest him.

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DUBAI // An unemployed man charged with assaulting police officers and threatening them with a knife missed his court hearing this morning after police could not locate him, a Dubai court heard this morning.

Prosecutors said BN, a 22-year-old Emirati man resisted police officers on duty when they came to his house to arrest him on June 17, 2010. He was accused of possessing and selling drugs.

According to records, a Dubai police anti-narcotics captain, AH, and sergeant MA were ordered to arrest BN on the drug charges.

But, AH testified, BN had been tipped off, and

when they tried to arrest him in the middle of a sale, he locked his car doors and drove away.

Police chased BN to his house in Al Qouz area. When they attempted to enter, he threatened them with a knife and ran inside, records show. And

police entered the house 30 minutes later, they discovered that BN had escaped, records show.

The next hearing was scheduled for April 3 to summon the defendant.