Dubai security guard stole jewellery worth Dh600,000, court hears

Security guard stole valuables worth more than half a million dirhams from two apartments in the building where he worked, hears court.

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DUBAI // A security guard stole jewellery worth more than Dh600,000 from two flats in the building he was supposed to be watching over, a court heard yesterday.

Z?H, 27, from Bangladesh, climbed into two flats through the kitchen windows while the tenants were on holiday, prosecutors told the Criminal Court.

None of the tenants realised they had been burgled until some time later.

P?D, 22, a housewife, said she returned on July 25 last year after a visit home to India, but didn’t realise anything was missing until the next evening when she opened the safe for some jewellery before going out to dinner with her husband.

She said the stolen items were worth Dh500,000.

Another Indian tenant, J?L, 33, returned from two weeks vacation in October last year.

“I didn’t notice that something was missing, but in November I was checking the drawer where my wife keeps her jewellery and I found it gone,” he said, valuing the missing items at Dh120,000.

Police said they arrested the security guard at Dubai International Airport as he tried to flee the country and found the missing jewellery in his possession.

In court, the security guard denied the burglaries, saying his friend had committed the crimes and he was holding the jewellery for him.

The next hearing was scheduled for Wednesday next week.