Car sex earns men one-year sentences

Police caught them in International City car park.

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DUBAI // Two men caught having sex in a car were sentenced to a year each in prison this morning.

According to records, a bus driver, KM, 24, Pakistani, and an employee GK, 33, Filipino, performed oral sex on each other in a parked car in International City.

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Last Updated: June 23, 2011

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Records said that on April 7, a police car patrolling the English cluster noticed a Toyota with two men sitting oddly in the back seat. KM was found nude, while GK was not wearing his trousers.

Patrol officers said they found semen traces on the backseat, and when they asked the two what had happened, admitted to the crime.

During investigations, KM said he had met GK a month before and was in a relationship with him, but GK said the two men had met 30 minutes before they were caught.

"I am very ashamed about my fault, and apologize for what I have done concerning having sex with a man," GK wrote to the judge.