Hard work and long hours for the sweet smell of halwa at Eid, by Sarah Dea

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Vast quantities of halwa sweets are eagerly consumed over Eid Al Alda, but it takes a small army of workers to ensure there is enough for everyone over the celebrations.

Like shops across the Muslim world, the Zahran Al Harasi halwa shop in Al Ain hires extra staff and the kitchens are kept busy around the clock in the run up to the festivities.

Spices are mixed with water and boiled, then ghee and starch are added, in vast 50kg coopers, where it is kept simmering for two hours.

Such are the quantities involved, that workers take shifts to keep production at maximum.

Photographer Sarah Dea set out for Zahran Al Harasi in Al Ain at 5am to show how much work goes in to producing halwa for Eid al Adha.