Blog 9 — Mommy’s back!

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I am back from a two month maternity leave. Sounds like long periods of good sleeping nights. Doesn’t it? Well, they weren’t. The two months leave were all sleepless nights to be honest.

I have given birth to a cute little boy that we’ve named Khaled. He’s such a sweetheart and his brother Mohammed, who is 2 years old, is a little bit confused but happy at the same time. He refers to him as the baby. I am missing them both already and being apart from them is not easy.

Being back at work feels good, though. It’s s not about feeding, burping and changing diapers kind of thing. It is mind grinding for new story ideas, interviewing people and writing articles.

Moving on from the News desk to Arts and Life is a refreshing change. Music, films, and fashion is like the air I breathe; actually, all I do apart from being a mom and a wife. I wasn’t surprised when the story ideas came flowing easily. After all, Arts and Life is were I want to end up in.