Brothers cleared of giving drugs to overdose woman

Their lawyer argued that the drugs found in the woman's body were not in the brothers' possession

Two brothers have been cleared of giving drugs to a woman who died of an overdose.

Dubai Criminal Court was told that the pair were with the Emirati woman as she checked into a hotel on November 22.

Hotel staff found the woman’s body two days later and called police, who found drugs on her bedside table.

Police questioned the two Emirati men, aged 21 and 24, who were charged with facilitating the consumption of drugs and with using and possessing drugs.

They denied all the charges in court this month.

Their lawyer, Saeed Al Ghilani, told the court that the woman’s autopsy revealed she died from an overdose of drugs that the men did not have in their possession.

“The report proved she had taken crystal methamphetamine, a substance that was not found in my clients’ blood nor in their possession, which proves that she either took it before she met them or someone else visited her hotel room and gave it to her,” Mr Al Ghilani said.

The brothers were cleared of providing the drugs but will stand trial at Dubai’s Court of Misdemeanours on charges of taking drugs.

Updated: March 26, 2019 02:51 AM