Advice in the wake of free baby car-seats

In reference to the front page article Free baby car-seats for new parents (March 7), congratulations to all involved in making this happen.

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In reference to the front page article Free baby car-seats for new parents (March 7), congratulations to all involved in making this happen. This is much needed and I also agree with making it mandatory for a newborn baby to leave the hospital in a baby car- seat. Let's not also forget that toddlers also need a child safety seat. Will education be provided to parents on what to do when their baby is too big for the first stage of a car-seat? Helen Hangari, Dubai

This is a great initiative and to include all new parents of whatever nationality or whatever insurance scheme they have is a bonus that should be applauded. In addition, traffic departments could also consider an annual campaign of advertisements by celebrities and other public figures. Marlena Nasir, Abu Dhabi Indeed a great initiative! But without education and enforcement, I don't think it will achieve much. The bonds of affection which crop up when the parents are driving with their toddlers makes them cuddle their little ones in the front seat of the car. I have also noticed that they have a new baby car-seat at the back. They should realise that even for a second, the babies are not to be in the front seat of the car.

This is a common sight in Abu Dhabi where babies and toddlers are held by the mothers in the front seat. If necessary, the mother can sit in the back seat. Targeted ad campaigns should be released for this violation alone and fines should be more severe. Better to warn sternly and avoid unnecessary mishaps with babies. Ravikikran MA, Abu Dhabi

With reference to Sultan Al Qassemi's opinion article Breathing life into Bastakiya and the history of Dubai (March 7): while we all talk about cultural preservation and architectural restoration in this instant-gratification global society, few actually go out and do it. The examples of Bastakiya and Muharraq stand out, along with their dedicated architects. I visited one of the souqs in Doha and was pleasantly surprised to see the kind of integration the author found in Muharraq, with the same old mosques, corridors, buildings and little bazaar sections juxtaposed within a thriving population. At times downshifting to a leisurely pace is a necessity. We need to preserve our past and blend it with modern inhabitants who have an appreciation of their ancestor's values. Such a blend of the old and new, along with environmental preservation, will go a long way to make our lifestyles much healthier and meaningful. Athar Mian, Abu Dhabi

A man's car should be considered as safe as his house and be trusted with his loved ones' lives. However, the recent global spate of recalls of prominent models of cars to fix their various faults has shaken this trust considerably. Like the automotive models that have been recalled to fix their problems and make them reliable and trustworthy, it would benefit all if the same principle was to be applied to some human models. They may include: Supermodel Naomi Campbell to be immediately recalled to fix her severely malfunctioning hands and mouth that turns ballistic at the slightest hint of anger and who hurls expletives on whomever happens to be behind the steering wheel of her vehicle, putting the lives of those around her at risk.

Spy model Mossad to be recalled to fix its recurring problem of illegally crossing other nations' borders to eliminate other models and make it look like an accident. Model country Australia to be recalled to seriously fix the endemic problem of racial abuse which threatens its position as a truly tolerant multicultural society.  Ultimately, for any model to be regarded as a true winner, consistently trustworthy and dependable performance will be the deciding factor. Amitabh Saxena, Dubai

Perhaps I'm just getting old and jaded but why did we pay a lot of money to be herded like cattle in a corral at the Sting concert? The concert was an hour and a half late in starting with no explanation or apology by the organisers. I can only say thank you to Sting for putting on an outstanding performance. Name and Address Withheld

I would to thank Rym Ghazal for her two stories on March 7: The weatherman from history about the 86-year-old sailor and Hakima, the perfect specimen about the camel beauty queen. The connection with the present, the past and the future (young Sheikh Mohammed) was wonderful. This is why I love my adopted desert home. Lee-Avinne O'Farrell, Abu Dhabi