Vivo V25 series: six features to make you feel like a pro photographer

Among the V25 night camera features is the Real-Time Extreme Night Vision. Photo: Vivo

The smartphones have the power to bring striking life to photos

Are today’s sophisticated smartphone camera features turning you into a budding photography enthusiast? You’re not alone. Users today are actively seeking devices that promise the most advanced photography features — those with the power to bring striking life to images. Vivo’s V25 series, particularly the V25 and V25 Pro, are among them.

With both devices’ 64MP ultra-sensing camera, 8MP super wide-angle camera, and 2MP super macro camera, the possibilities (and angles) are near endless for those who want the power in their pockets to capture life’s best moments.

If you’re on the hunt for a new device and consider photography a priority, here are six features of the vivo V25 series that will make you feel like a pro.

AI HD Algorithm

Another feature of the front-facing camera, the AI HD algorithm will transform your portrait photography game. It is engineered to improve face clarity and image quality through an intelligent AI algorithm that enhances your natural features.

The AI HD algorithm, having captured and analysed key details from a large number of facial photos, also adapts to changing light conditions. Don’t be surprised if your selfie turns out bright and clear even in low light.

Photography tip: Shoot portraits with HD mode on to see the difference in quality. Additionally, shoot in different lighting conditions and notice the crisp details of the face, hair and color of portraits.

The vivo V25 and V25 Pro are priced at Dh1,499 and Dh2,199 respectively. Photo: Vivo

Real-Time Extreme Night Vision

A challenge users commonly face with night photography is insufficient brightness, dim light over the face, poor definition, and more noise compared with better-lit conditions. Vivo addressed this challenge through its V25 series’ Super Night Video feature, which improves brightness and reduces unwelcome noise.

What’s even more powerful among the V25 night camera features is the Real-Time Extreme Night Vision. Here, exposure intensity and brightness can be manually adjusted, allowing users to enjoy even more freedom as they edit their night photos.

Photography tip: This mode is turned on by default. So, test it by taking photos at night or in extremely low-light conditions. You will see how night shooting has many more possibilities with this feature.

Bokeh Flair Portrait

This dynamic portrait feature on the rear camera allows users to capture and smoothen facial features, while retaining clarity and crispness of the image. When outdoors, users can select this feature to take stunning portraits even at night or in situations with low light.

To make the feature more fun for those wishing to play around with their photos, Vivo has added filters such as falling cherry blossoms, starbursts and more, allowing a welcome touch of personalisation.

Photography tip: Shoot portraits across various light sources and use different filters for extra fun and even more creative portraits.

Multi-Style Portrait (Motion Blur)

Photo: Vivo

This feature, along with the bokeh portrait effect, allows for even greater creativity as it separates the subject from the background through radial blurring. This means no more cluttered backgrounds filled with people, vehicles, and other kinds of movement.

The feature places the main character on a clean background, which is especially handy for users wanting to take aesthetic images in crowded places.

Photography tip: Turn on Motion Blur and attempt to take pictures in high traffic areas to understand the feature’s ability to separate other characters from the background, while retaining a sense of movement.

Eye AF Selfie

One of the sharpest front camera features you will find, the Eye AF Selfie allows users to shoot crisp portraits thanks to high-level pixels of the 50MP ultra-sensing camera in the V25. These high-level pixels allow zoomed-in or cropped photos to still retain clarity, sharpness and detail.

The V25 Pro, with its 32MP Eye AF Selfie, takes equally sharp clicks during day and night. Meanwhile, the front-facing cameras of the V25 series feature an ‘eye focus’ feature, which ensures blur-free selfies even in a state of motion.

Photography tip: Test the camera focus by moving in and out of the frame while taking a few clicks to determine clarity and definition

Double Exposure

The Double Exposure feature allows users to add an artistic layer to their shots. Photo: Vivo

For high-end users and professional photographers, this feature is typically difficult to find and apply effectively on a smartphone. Luckily, the vivo V25 series has included it across both smartphones ― the V25 and V25 Pro.

Double Exposure allows users to add an artistic layer to their shots in the form of an attractive scenario set behind the image of the subject. This superimposing effect of including two or more exposures in one image provides another layer of creativity for users wanting to experiment with what’s possible from their device.

Photography tip: You can use double exposure to blend two shots of the same subject, creating a compelling juxtaposition.

With all devices in the V25 series having effortless usability, there’s much more to discover simply by experimenting with the camera app.

Take your smartphone photography further. The vivo V25 and V25 Pro are priced at Dh1,499 and Dh2,199 respectively and available across the UAE.

Updated: September 28, 2022, 12:54 PM