Atlas is poised to unlock the new chapter of Web 3.0

Atlas is poised to unlock the new chapter of Web 3.0. Atlas

Atlas Technology Management Pte (Atlas), the Singapore headquartered technology group and one of the world's largest next-generation computing infrastructure-as-a-service providers, has announced its expansions and sustainability plans as part of its move to double down on its strategy to become a leader in Web 3.0 computing infrastructure, targeting to achieve 3X geographical expansion and 100% clean energy by 2024.

Underpinned by blockchain technology and characterized by distributed computing, autonomous and intelligent models of operation, Web 3.0 is perceived to be the next chapter of the internet. Atlas, armed with its comprehensive service offering ASIC computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware and software, API support as well as storage, has long been a leader in supporting Web 3.0 infrastructure development. Harnessing its new expansion plan, Atlas is well-positioned to capture the enormous opportunities arising from the new wave of digitalization.

Following the recent opening of new offices in Dubai and Norway, Atlas plans to further expand its coverage in nine countries and regions to over 30 in the next five years. Backed by the extensive global footprint, this will give Atlas second-to-none coverage in supporting the Web 3.0 transformation of enterprises and partners anywhere in the world.

Amid the rapid development of Web 3.0, climate issues are known to be the biggest challenges. Given the need to deliver high performance computing and infrastructure to support the development of Web 3.0, minimizing its environmental impact is essential to its future success. Atlas is well aware of the challenge. Adhering to the belief in “tech for good”, the company is fully committed to contributing to the sustainable development of Web 3.0. Atlas will adopt 75% clean energy by 2022, 90% by 2023 and ultimately reaching 100% by 2024.

Furthermore, Atlas is in partnership discussions to explore advanced technologies and operation mechanisms such as under-water data centres, to enable progressive and sustainable development of Web 3.0. A pilot under-water data centre is projected to launch in the second half of 2022.

Raymond Yuan, Founder and Chairman of Atlas, said, “The internet is at a point akin to the early days of cloud computing where unimaginable value is waiting to be unlocked in its next chapter, Web 3.0. This will be defined by a new economic paradigm and emerging technologies that will enable new business models. As an early mover in the space, we have the experience and resources to build the infrastructure necessary to support the sustainable development in Web 3.0. We are well prepared to double down our focus and resources to accelerate Web 3.0’s development and unlock new growth opportunities for our partners.”

Updated: March 28, 2022, 5:00 AM