Dubai Customs foil attempt to smuggle crystal meth and 6.5kg of hashish

Officers found drugs hidden on man and in his car as he arrived at a border checkpoint

Dubai Customs officers discovered 6.5kg of hashish hidden in a man's car at a border checkpoint. Photo: Dubai Customs
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Dubai Customs officers have arrested a man on suspicion of smuggling 6.5kg of hashish hidden inside his car at a land border checkpoint.

Inspectors grew suspicious of the man, who appeared confused and tried to hurry through the customs inspection.

Initially they found three grams of crystal meth hidden inside a secret pocket in the man's clothes before discovering large wraps of hashish concealed in various compartments of the vehicle.

Hamid Mohammed, Director of the Inland Customs Centres Management, said the inspection team had read the man's body language and thwarted the smuggling attempt.

The man, who arrived from a neighbouring country and whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested and now faces prosecution.

“The customs inspection system at borders is highly efficient,” said Mr Mohammed.

“In addition to that, our staff are highly skilled and trained. We use the latest inspection technologies in our work.”

Mr Mohammed said Dubai Customs is the first line of defence against drug traffickers.

In September last year, a Dubai Customs task force foiled a plot to smuggle more than 200,000 narcotics and pills into the country.

Officers seized 980kg of controlled drugs and other restricted medicine flown into the emirate. The total haul has been valued at Dh6.2 million.

Enforcement teams confiscated 33,284 tablets, medicines and restricted drugs in 20 parcels weighing 460kg, with an estimated street value of Dh1 million.

A further 175,300 capsules of the banned drug tramadol, an opioid used to treat chronic pain, were found in 22 parcels weighing 520kg, with an estimated street value of about Dh5.25 million.

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Updated: February 14, 2024, 2:14 PM