Aldar Education launches scholarship programme for outstanding pupils

Scholarship aimed at grade six pupils who will join the schools in the new academic year

Mamoura British Academy will award scholarships for outstanding academic achievement. Aldar Education
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Aldar Education, Abu Dhabi’s largest school operator, has announced a new scholarship programme across three of its academies.

The scholarship will be available at Mamoura British Academy, Al Ain British Academy and Yas American Academy. It will be awarded for the first time to 10 new pupils at each of the three schools for the 2024-25 academic year.

The 30 pupils will come from grade six/year seven onwards. All winners will be eligible for a 20 per cent reduction in tuition fees until their graduation.

This initiative does not only support students but also provides a valuable resource for parents
Stephen Sharples, chief education officer at Aldar Education

Fees at Mamoura British Academy currently range from Dh63,610 in year seven to Dh74,880 in year 13. At Al Ain British Academy, fees go from Dh51,890 in year seven to Dh61,330 in year 13. At Yas American Academy, fees go from Dh60,300 in year seven to Dh65,060 in year 13.

Stephen Sharples, chief education officer at Aldar Education, said: “The Aldar Academies Scholarship Programme embodies our commitment to ensuring that outstanding education is an accessible possibility for highly promising students and their families.

“This initiative does not only support students but also provides a valuable resource for parents who seek to enrich and elevate their children's educational journey in an enriching educational environment.

“For us, this isn't just a programme – it is our way of supporting the community of learners in Abu Dhabi.

“We look forward to offering our educational expertise and 15-year track record to a new generation of talented students, and we are eager to support them to reach their full potential.”

Pupils at Mamoura British Academy will be selected for the scholarship on the basis of academic achievement. Al Ain British Academy and Yas American Academy will consider candidates excelling academically or at sport, or both.

This is the first time Aldar Education, which operates 31 schools in the UAE, has launched a scholarship programme of this size and type.

Applications are open now and will close on February 29.

Parents need to submit a completed application form, a written personal statement or letter of introduction by the pupil, copies of their school reports from the past two years, any supporting documentation such as recommendation letters, copies of awards/certificates, a portfolio of results, press clippings and/or video evidence.

After the initial review stages, a scholarship committee will interview shortlisted pupils.

The scholarship programme is only available to pupils who are not currently attending an Aldar Academy school.

For existing students, the schools have the Academy of Excellence which is open to talented pupils in academia, performing arts and sports.

Updated: January 30, 2024, 1:45 PM