Accident-Free Day: UAE drivers eagerly embrace initiative to clear four black points

Reward for careful driving on August 28 comes after motorists sign up, respect the law and keep a clean sheet

Signed-up drivers will have four black points automatically deducted from their licence if they obey the traffic safety laws on Monday. Chris Whiteoak / The National
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The UAE police campaign that offers to wipe four black points from driving licences has prompted the enthusiastic participation of motorists from across the country.

Accident-Free Day, launched by the Federal Traffic Council, says that if drivers sign an online pledge black points will be taken off their licence.

Drivers must avoid accidents and not break traffic regulations on Monday, the first day of term at many UAE schools.

The initiative aims to reduce accidents and improve road safety.

Participating drivers are expected to avoid speeding, maintain safe distances, and exercise caution while changing lanes and overtaking.

If successful, drivers may be rewarded with an improved removed record.

Brig Hussain Al Harthy, chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, said wiping of black points will happen automatically in the traffic system for all pledged drivers, if they avoid accidents and offences on Monday.

"Drivers do not need to visit service centres in traffic departments. The removal of the black points will happen automatically," Brig Al Harthy told The National.

"The Ministry of Interior and police departments will check the eligible drivers as per the data generated from the traffic systems and remove the black points from the driver's record."

Mahmoud Al Saeed, a 34-year-old Egyptian, has eight black points on his licence. He received four and a Dh500 fine for driving without a valid licence and insurance after a traffic stop in Ajman in March.

He told The National that he joined the initiative to demonstrate that he is a responsible driver.

"It is a great initiative and gave me hope. I have eight black points and was worried about my licence being revoked," he said.

He said he will be "100 per cent focusing while driving on Monday" to remove the black points.

Mr Al Saeed, who works in Dubai and lives in Ajman, said the initiative will encourage him to obey traffic rules.

"It is not only rewarding but it will also encourage drivers to follow traffic rules," he said.

Black points remain on a driver's record for one year.

However, licences can be revoked if the points exceed 24.

The licence suspension period ranges from three to six months under traffic law.

Other drivers have also announced their participation of Accident-Free Day by sharing their participation certificates on social media.

Mohammed Al Sahi, an Emirati, wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "It is a great idea to have a day without accidents.

"I wished it would be for the entire year to avoid accidents, especially the one related to run-over incidents for students stepping outside the buses and crossing the roads," he wrote, sharing an image of his pledge certificate.

Brig Al Harthy reminded drivers about the importance of following traffic laws.

"I call all on people in the UAE to consider this day as a reminder and an awareness opportunity," he said.

"By doing so, it can become a nationwide campaign that contributes to achieving the UAE's vision to be the safest country in the world."

In 2019, as part of the same campaign, motorists in Dubai who signed an online pledge to take better care on the roads were offered a 50 per cent discount on vehicle confiscation fees.

How to pledge for Accident-Free Day

Drivers can register on the Ministry of Interior website.

After registering with the Emirates ID, motorists must log in to the account and sign a pledge that they will acknowledge and obey traffic laws, honouring measures such as leaving a safe distance with vehicles ahead, buckling up seatbelts, respecting the speed limit and not using a mobile phone while driving.

Other pledges include giving away to emergency vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road.

After motorists agree to honour all the traffic safety rules, they submit the form to receive their participation certificate by email.

If they prove successful on August 28, four black points will automatically be deducted from their record.

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Updated: August 28, 2023, 1:34 PM