Dubai Municipality responds to 100 emergency calls during stormy weather

Authority received 69 reports of fallen trees

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Dubai Municipality received more than 100 emergency calls during unsettled weather on Saturday, including reports of fallen trees and large pools of rainwater.

Dubai was hit by heavy rain, thunder and dust storms. Residents reported hearing cracks of thunder while a dusty haze blanketed parts of the emirate.

On Sunday, the municipality announced the temporary closure of public parks from 6pm "due to the prevailing weather conditions in Dubai".

The authority said beaches providing night swimming would also be temporarily closed.

Dubai Municipality said it received 69 reports of fallen trees on Saturday, 16 of which were on main roadways.

There were also 18 requests for excess rainwater to be drained from road surfaces.

The municipality said it had taken preventive measures for the weather, with emergency response teams on standby.

Municipality workers were forced to clear tree branches, grass and sand from roads, as well drain pools of rainwater and unblock clogged drains.

The weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is expected to be partly cloudy from Monday to Wednesday, with temperatures hovering above 40ºC.

Wet weather is expected to continue in the east, including in Sharjah and Fujairah.

Updated: August 07, 2023, 3:58 AM