Abu Dhabi reduces speed limit to 120kph on Sweihan Road

Speed limit cut from 140kph in bid to boost safety

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - August 12, 2018: Morning commuters head from Dubai towards Abu Dhabi on the first day of no speed buffer. Sunday, August 12th, 2018 on E11, Abu Dhabi. Chris Whiteoak / The National
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Abu Dhabi Police will cut the speed limit on a main road in the emirate on Sunday in an effort to boost safety.

The force said the speed limit on Sweihan Road from Al Falah Bridge heading towards Abu Dhabi International Airport would be reduced to 120kph from 140kph.

The decision was made with the support of the Integrated Transport Centre.

Abu Dhabi Police called on motorists to abide by the new maximum speed.

“Traffic studies have shown that reducing speed leads to improvements in road safety levels,” the force said.

Abu Dhabi regularly amends speed limits on roads as part of its commitment to improving road safety.

In November, the speed limit on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road – on the section from Al Sad bridge to Al Amera bridge – was reduced from 160kph to 140kph.

In September, Abu Dhabi Police introduced a new speed limit on another main road in the capital.

The force said a section of the Sheikh Zayed Road would have a reduced speed limit of 100kph, down from 120kph.

The new limit applied to the Qasr Al Bahr intersection in both directions.

It is one of the main routes into the capital from the outer suburbs and Dubai.

While police typically lower speed limits, a minimum speed limit was recently introduced on a busy transport link to improve traffic low.

Since May, motorists who drive below 120 kph on the first two lanes of the four-lane Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road face fines of Dh400.

“The goal of the low-speed activation is to ensure the safety of drivers, to require slow vehicles to move on the right lanes and to always make way for vehicles with preference coming from behind or from the left,” Gen Al Muhairi said.

Improving road safety

Abu Dhabi removed a buffer on stated road limits in August 2018.

Under the rule, which remains in place across the rest of the country, motorists can travel up to 20kph faster than posted limits without the risk of being fined.

Abu Dhabi Police carry out frequent awareness campaigns to boost safety and reduce accidents on roads.

A road safety initiative launched by the force received more than 35 million views on social media platforms in the first six months of the year.

In April, Abu Dhabi Police completed the installation of new electronic panels and speed signs on main roads in the emirate to warn drivers to reduce speed in hazardous weather.

They are activated during rain, strong winds, sandstorms and fog. Panels flash the speed limit of 80 kph and warn motorists to keep a safe distance between vehicles.

Police also regularly post footage of real-life traffic accidents that have occurred on Abu Dhabi’s roads in an effort to highlight the dangers of breaking traffic laws.

The short CCTV clips show different types of road accidents to alert drivers to the dangers of poor road behaviour, including driving when distracted and switching lanes at the last minute.

Updated: June 01, 2023, 3:39 PM