Abu Dhabi Police share video to show the danger of jumping lights

Footage shows an SUV apparently ignoring red and ramming into another vehicle

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Abu Dhabi Police have released footage of a car crash to highlight the danger of jumping the lights and distracted driving.

Shared by the force on social media, the video shows a white SUV crossing on a red light and then ramming into another vehicle.

Police said using a phone while driving is the main cause of jumping red lights.

It caused 95 accidents last year, the Ministry of Interior said.

Official data shows road accidents in the country increased by 19 per cent to 3,488 last year, from 2,931 in 2020.

The crashes caused the deaths of 381 people last year and injured 2,620, compared with 256 deaths and 2,437 injuries in 2020.

The force regularly posts videos on social media to raise awareness of the consequences of distracted and reckless driving.

In May, the force released a video of a multi-car collision caused by distracted driving and stopping in the middle of the road.

Motorists failing to pay attention on the road can be fined up to Dh800 and have four traffic points placed on their licence.

Updated: December 12, 2022, 7:41 AM