My Dubai Rent: Property agent pays Dh70,000 for two-bed apartment in Town Square

Divya Jain decided to get away from noise and crowds

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My Dubai Rent takes you inside a reader's home to have a look at what they pay each month, see who they live with and ask what they like and don't like

A property agent turned her back on the “noise and crowds” of Dubai Marina and moved to the city’s suburbs.

Indian Divya Jain, 31, pays Dh70,000) ($19,058) for a two-bedroom apartment in Town Square that she shares with her boyfriend and her brother.

They pay the rent across four cheques as she enjoys the quiet life on the outskirts of the emirate.

She invited The National for a tour of her home to show readers why it is so special.

Why did you choose to live here?

The first reason was because I wanted to find somewhere near my office which is in Motor City.

We were living in Dubai Marina and I was getting exhausted from the crowds and all the noise so I wanted somewhere more relaxing.

It was important to find somewhere quiet that also had good amenities.

Even though it is quite tranquil here, we still have a lot of cafes and restaurants right on our doorstep.

There is a big park beside us and a play area for children with a carousel, so there is a great family atmosphere, too.

We also have a water park close by and several supermarkets, so there is always something to do.

My Dubai rent: Dh70,000 for a two-bed with a water park and a carousel

My Dubai rent: Dh70,000 for a two-bed with a water park and a carousel

I wanted to live in a smaller building. While it is still pretty tall — I live on the ninth floor — it is a lot smaller than the skyscrapers you find in the centre of Dubai.

We also love camping and living here means we can find somewhere to camp within 10 minutes.

We often go to the Love Lake as well, which is not too far away. There are a lot of places close by that are really tranquil which is a great help when you have a busy job and want to find that work-life balance.

There is always a lot of pressure with work so being close to nature is helpful for meditation and is good for your health, too.

What touches have you made to make it feel like a home?

Because I come from India I cannot live without worshipping gods, so I built my own little temple here in the apartment. I also bought some candles and some small items but the rest was furnished by the landlord.

How long have you lived here and do you plan on renewing your contract?

We moved to Dubai eight months ago and have been living here for three months.

Obviously, we have only rented for one year but we are really settled here and would be happy to extend our stay.

Is there anything you would change about where you live if you could?

Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to get a taxi here. I try to hail them on the Hala app but it can be very difficult to find one.

Getting a taxi was never really a problem when we lived in the Marina but it can be difficult here if you do not own a car.

There is a shuttle bus, though, which drops to the Mall of the Emirates and back, so that is a big help.

Updated: November 20, 2022, 5:35 AM