Parents in Sharjah sign Covid pledge to inform schools if children show symptoms

Pupils who fall ill or are in close contact with someone with Covid-19 must take a PCR test and stay home

Parents in Sharjah are being asked to sign a declaration that they will inform the school if their children contract Covid-19 or are a suspected case. Photo: Sharjah Educational Council
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Schools in Sharjah are asking parents to sign a Covid-19 declaration form promising to act responsibly if their children contract the virus or show symptoms.

This includes informing schools if children are suspected cases, picking them up promptly if they get sick in school, and adhering to isolation rules if they test positive.

Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA), the regulator of private schools in the emirate, said signing the form is one of several mandatory measures outlined in their safety protocol.

“The undertaking was clearly defined in the guide, a copy of which was sent to all private schools in the emirate,” said Ali Al Hosani, director of SPEA.

He said parents must get their children tested and keep them home if they get sick or are a close contact of an infected person.

“We urge all schools to send this form to parents. It preserves public health and helps in continuing regular face-to-face lessons."

Samar Murad, principal of the International School of Creative Science in the Muwaileh area of Sharjah, said they had informed parents of the required procedures, which include signing an undertaking.

“We made sure to inform parents of all updates to precautionary measures and are currently corresponding with them to sign the home-school contract,” she said.

“Parents have been very co-operative and played an active role in managing the Covid-19 situation.”

Parent Nora Saleem, 47, from Jordan, whose daughter is a pupil at the International School of Choueifat in the emirate, signed the form and said it will not only help protect pupils and school staff but the larger community.

“A pupil infecting another pupil means their teachers, classmates, larger families, and every person they come in touch with, is at risk,” Ms Saleem said.

She said parents should be responsible without being asked to be so.

“Showing responsibility towards keeping our children, loved ones, and people around us safe is a part of parenting.”

This year, authorities relaxed Covid-19 safety rules for schools as case numbers decline steadily.

Pupils aged 12 and over, teaching and administrative staff, and service providers at government schools and private schools in the country, excluding Dubai, needed a negative PCR test result no more than 96 hours before the start of the new school year.

Alothough periodic tests will not be required because the UAE adopted a symptom-only strategy last term, caution is advised, and any child showing Covid-19 symptoms should stay at home and take a PCR test.

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Updated: September 02, 2022, 4:00 AM