Dubai Police warn drivers that hundreds of cars will be towed for metro parking offences

Seventeen vehicles removed after they were left under bridges

Hundreds of motorists were given one hour to move their cars from non-designated parking bays before they were towed. Photo: RTA
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Seventeen cars found parked illegally under Dubai Metro bridges have been towed away so far this year — with 400 drivers given a warning.

They were contacted by inspectors from the Roads and Transport Authority and told to remove their vehicles.

The 400 owners were given an hour to comply before their cars would be towed away for violating parking rules. Seventeen failed to do so and has their vehicles removed.

“More than 400 motorists were contacted and 17 vehicles whose owners failed to remove them within an hour of their notification were towed away,” said Osama Al Safi of the RTA.

Motorists were urged to follow parking rules and stop leaving their cars anywhere they could find as it made the city look untidy.

RTA inspectors regularly carry out checks across car parks in Dubai and call offenders to notify them before any action is taken. Inspections also include checks to see if vehicles have been left for too long in metro car parks.

“The RTA launches field campaigns along the Dubai railways that are stretching 90 kilometres to prevent the casual parking of vehicles under the metro viaducts,” said Mr Al Safa.

“These bridges are not just concrete structures to support the elevated metro tracks, they are part of the emirate’s architectural fabric and a feature of its advanced public transport network.”

Signs have been installed by the RTA to warn members of the public against parking in non-designated bays.

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Updated: June 15, 2022, 3:55 PM