When is spring break 2022 for schools in the UAE?

Two-week break will commence at many UAE schools at the end of March

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Many families in the UAE are eagerly waiting for the end of the month, when pupils have two weeks off from school for the annual spring break.

Some Indian curriculum schools will start their holidays this week, before a new academic year.

At most schools in the country, the academic year starts in September and ends in June. Pupils get two short breaks and a long summer holiday.

For many, spring break is scheduled to run between March 28 and April 8.

However, some Indian schools will finish their academic year on Wednesday and start the new one when classes resume on April 3.

Many families enrol children in spring camps during the two-week break.

Last year, spring camps in Dubai reported they were busier than ever as children sought out fun activities after months of remote learning.

Holiday dates vary at schools across the world, and even within countries.

For families travelling back to their home countries during the holiday, spring break may not coincide with holidays over there.

In England, schools will be closed for the Easter holidays from April 11-22. In Scotland, pupils will be away from school from April 1-19.

In the Netherlands, schools were closed for spring break between late February and early March.

Updated: March 16, 2022, 9:08 AM