UAE weather: Temperatures could reach a scorching 40°C this week as winter fades

The mercury will hit 39°C in the capital on Tuesday and climb even higher in the coming days

Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, June 5, 2014:  
A boy, a young tourist, runs through the water at the Breakwater Corniche in Abu Dhabi, on Thursday, June 5, 2014.
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Temperatures could reach 40°C in parts of the UAE this week as the winter weather starts to fade away.

In Abu Dhabi, conditions could hit 39°C on Tuesday. It will be a little cooler in Dubai at 37°C.

Temperatures will fall back a bit on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi to 37°C, before touching 40°C on both Thursday and Friday.

The mercury will hover around 37°C for most of the week in Dubai, reaching a peak of 39°C on Friday.

Meanwhile, thick fog blanketed parts of the UAE early on Monday and police temporarily reduced the speed limit on one motorway due to poor visibility.

The National Centre of Meteorology issued a warning about fog formation along the coast as the murky weather settled over the outskirts of the capital and an area in the west.

Police called on drivers to “exercise caution due to reduced visibility”, reducing the speed limit on the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain route for a period in the early hours.

The fog will clear to leave a partly sunny and warm day, with temperatures reaching the mid-30s.

It will be 35°C with a gentle breeze in Abu Dhabi and slightly cooler and cloudier in Dubai, at 34°C.

Winds will be light to moderate.

Conditions in the Arabian Gulf will be calm to moderate and it will be calm in the Oman Sea.

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