Domestic worker recruitment agencies replace government-run Tadbeer centres

The Ministry of Human Resources will issue licences to approved businesses

United Arab Emirates -Dubai- May 15, 2009:

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Private agencies for recruiting domestic workers will replace government-run Tadbeer centres in the UAE.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) said private recruitment agency licences would be made available to those who meet requirements.

Agencies will be responsible for providing appropriate accommodation and food to domestic workers until families recruit them and for domestic workers hired part-time.

The MoHRE will approve all prices.

People may apply individually or as partners.

All applicants must submit a credit report of their financial status along with their application.

They will also need to submit a renewable bank guarantee of Dh500,000 or insurance as an alternative to the bank guarantee.

This guarantee may be used to pay fines against the agency or settle any financial arrears owed to the ministry, employers or domestic workers.

The agency will need to top-up the bank guarantee if all or part of it is used to cover its financial commitments. The MoHRE may, at its discretion, demand a higher amount of deposit in high-risk cases.

Employees of the MoHRE, their spouses and second-degree relatives are not eligible for a licence.

Unless the ministry allows the applicant to conduct business online, applicants will need to provide a physical address of the agency.

The ministry can suspend or cancel an agency’s licence if it fails to comply with the rules or provides inaccurate information. An agency will have 15 days to pay outstanding fees and settle workers’ dues in such cases.

This ministerial resolution overrules previous decisions about Tadbeer centres or any other resolutions that contradict it, a statement said.

Residents hiring domestic workers must provide a safe work environment for them. They must inform the agency and the MoHRE if the worker is injured or has been in an accident.

Employers of domestic workers cannot assign them tasks not included in the contract nor can they force them to work longer hours than what’s stated in the agreement.

It is unknown what will happen to existing contracts with Tadbeer.

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