Abu Dhabi Police warn drivers after hard shoulder crash

Force releases footage of incident to remind motorists of dangers of flouting traffic rules

Police in Abu Dhabi have highlighted the dangers of reckless driving after releasing video footage of a motorist smashing into the back of a stationary vehicle on a motorway's hard shoulder.

The footage shows the driver sweeping across two lanes to enter the hard shoulder – designated for emergency vehicles and those which have broken down – without indicating before hitting the car.

The rule-breaking motorist hit the car with such force it was thrown on to a grass embankment.

Police regularly release accident footage on social media to help hammer home the potential consequences of failing to abide by traffic laws.

Police warned drivers who use the hard shoulder to cut through traffic that they face a Dh1,000 ($272) fine and six points on their licence.

This week Abu Dhabi Police said more than 700 new high-tech speed cameras would be installed on the roads of the capital in an effort to bolster safety.

The new devices use multitracking radars with high-resolution imagery to cover various lanes.

They will be equipped with weather-monitoring technology to improve safety on the roads, said Maj Muhammad Abdullah Al Zaabi, head of Abu Dhabi Police’s Traffic Technical Systems Section.

Updated: September 24, 2021, 11:50 AM