Apology and Clarification

Inaccuracies pertaining to reporting on UAE National Human Rights Institution Appointments and Services

An article published by The National on September 1, "New UAE human rights institution promises immediate assistance to everyone", contained inaccuracies. Khaled Al Hosani, who was named as secretary general of the institution, has not been appointed, nor services or telephone hotline or social media accounts been established.

The UAE’s newly formed National Human Rights Institution is in the next stages of development. The head of the organisation is yet to be appointed and its final formulation is to be announced in due course.

There has been no announcement confirming the appointment of the Board of Trustees either.

Furthermore, the article inaccurately mentioned a hotline to call and services to be provided. This was also an error.

The National apologises to its readers for this mistake.

Updated: September 03, 2021, 2:47 PM
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