What are the new Covid fines in the UAE? Full list explained

From doctoring PCR results to not wearing your mask, here is how much these infractions will cost

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The UAE has introduced hefty new fines for people who break Covid-19 regulations brought in to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The updated list included a new focus on deception offences, including fines for cheating or providing incorrect information to evade quarantine or precautionary measures.

Here, The National explains, in full, the list of Covid-19 violations and resulting fines when rules are broken.

1. Refusing to be admitted to hospital while suffering from Covid-19 or neglecting to take the prescribed medicine

Fine: Dh50,000 ($13,612)

2. Failing to adhere to home quarantine

Fine: Dh50,000

3. Avoiding quarantine, providing incorrect information about travel, recruiting workers from abroad and not disclosing their arrival

Fine: Dh20,000

4. Violating procedures under the e-tracking system

Fine: Dh10,000 for not registering the device or carrying it with you or not informing the call centre within 24 hours of the e-tracker being damaged or lost

Fine: Dh1,000 for losing or damaging the device

Fine: Dh20,000 for hacking into the device to change the data

5. Not complying with guidelines related to opening and closing of facilities

Fine: Dh50,000 for shopping malls

Fine: Dh30,000 for other facilities

Fine: Dh5,000 for not displaying posters with details showing staff have complete vaccination or PCR testing requirements

6. Failing to report workers who test positive to health authorities

Fine: Dh20,000

7. Breaking rules on smaller gatherings

Fine: Dh10,000 for organisers

Fine: Dh5,000 for attendees

8. Breaking rules on size of social events such as weddings and funerals

Fine: Dh50,000 for organisers

Fine: Dh15,000 for attendees

9. Breaking rules on social distancing at gatherings

Fine: Dh10,000 for organisers

10. Violating regulations determining number of people who can reside in one dwelling

Fine: Dh20,000 for the owner of the dwelling or person responsible

11. Not complying with precautionary measures for entering the country

Fine: Dh5,000

12. Exceeding the number of non-related passengers allowed in one vehicle

Fine: Dh3,000 for the driver

13. Not wearing a mask

Fine: Dh500 in workplace or shared housing

Fine: Dh3,000 at all other times in public

14. Exceeding the number of people allowed to gather socially in open areas

Fine: Dh3,000 on each person

15. Refusing to undergo a PCR test when required or misusing the right to get tested

Fine: Dh5,000

Fine: Dh1,000 when undergoing test without need or request

16. Travelling outside of curfew hours without permission

Fine: Dh3,000

17. Conducting private classes in person, in public or private, whether paid for or free

Fine: Dh30,000 for organiser

Fine: Dh20,000 for person responsible for location of class

18. Changing or creating information in messages and results about Covid-19 tests

Fine: Dh10,000, doubled if it is not first instance

19. Not complying when stopped by officials on Covid-19 related issues

Fine: Dh10,000

20. Promoting or publishing misinformation about pandemic related matters, or encouraging people not to comply with measures

Fine: Dh20,000

21. Neglecting or ignoring duties assigned to you related to stopping the spread of Covid-19

Fine: Dh20,000

Citizens and residents in the UAE have been urged by the Attorney General Office to abide by the law and follow the precautionary measures and decisions issued by relevant authorities to protect their health and safety.

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