New Covid rules: UAE introduces Dh20,000 fines for breaking regulations

Cheaters can be fined Dh20,000 for deliberately avoiding quarantine

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The UAE has introduced hefty new fines for people who break Covid-19 regulations brought in to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The updated list included a new focus on deception offences, including a Dh20,000 fine for cheating or providing incorrect information in order to evade quarantine or precautionary measures.

People deliberately not disclosing the details of individuals coming into the country from abroad can also be fined Dh20,000, as can employers who fail to report workers who have tested positive for Covid-19 to health authorities.

Fake news also came under the spotlight, with a Dh20,000 fine introduced for promoting or publishing coronavirus-related rumours or misleading information about Covid-19 precautionary measures.

Anyone conducting medical tests to detect Covid-19 without obtaining approval from the relevant authorities can be fined Dh20,000, and the penalty doubles if the violation is repeated.

Fines have been introduced for violating the rules regarding workers' accommodation, including a Dh20,000 penalty for housing too many people in flats or residential units, or in unlicensed places.

Further penalties were introduced for people not following home quarantine instructions and for disobeying the rules at quarantine facilities.

Institutions and companies also face fines for breaking precautionary measures, and individuals can receive penalties for violating judicial orders or for breaking safety rules when stopped at checking points.

New fines have also been introduced for commercial vehicles violating temporary entry rules.

Citizens and residents in the UAE have been urged by the Attorney-General Office to abide by the law and follow the precautionary measures and decisions issued by relevant authorities to protect their health and safety.

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