What does the UAE's official mourning period mean?

Flags fly at half-staff, radio stations play classical music and life takes on a more sombre tone

When the death of the UAE's President is announced, the country enters a mourning period.

The death of the President, Sheikh Khalifa, will be marked by 40 days of mourning.

Flags will fly at half-staff and work in ministries, departments, federal and local government entities, and the private sector, will be suspended for three days, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs announced on Friday.

Public and private sector employees will resume work and offices will reopen on Tuesday.

This period is intended as a mark of respect and life across the UAE takes on a more sombre tone.

Radio stations play classical music and state-owned television stations typically follow suit.

Most live entertainment is usually cancelled.

Following the death of UAE Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in November 2004, the official mourning period was also set at 40 days. Offices were deserted and shops closed.

The death of a UAE ruling family member is generally marked with a mourning period, which can last from three days to up to 40.

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