Historic buildings in AlUla Old Town to be transformed into a boutique hotel

Dar Tantora by The House Hotel will offer 30 rooms in the heritage site in Saudi Arabia

Historic mud-brick buildings are being completely restored. Photo: Royal Commission for AlUla
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The Royal Commission for AlUla will transform a series of historical buildings in the AlUla Old Town in Saudi Arabia into a boutique hotel.

Dar Tantora by The House Hotel will offer 30 rooms, as well as a pool, spa, restaurant and cafe. The traditional mud-brick buildings will be completely restored, using modern engineering methods and time-honoured architectural techniques. Rooms will feature traditional decorative elements, furniture and art works that capture the area’s distinct cultural heritage. Local artisans have received specialised training to be able to contribute to the restoration.

The property is intended to strengthen the AlUla Old Town’s standing as a vibrant cultural hub. The commission is committed to reviving the site, using tourism as an engine for development and job creation. A Sustainability Charter is in place to govern each project’s economic, social and environmental impacts, and AlUla Old Town has already been recognised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation as a “Best Tourism Village” in March.

“Dar Tantora by The House Hotel will allow guests to live the rich heritage of the AlUla Old Town historical village,” says John Northen, vice president — head of hotels and resorts, Royal Commission for AlUla.

“Steeped in the past yet embracing progress, this hotel encapsulates RCU’s vision for a diverse range of accommodation as we continue to deliver on our plans for more than 5,000 keys by 2030.”

Kerten Hospitality’s House Hotel brand consists of luxury boutique properties located in “buildings that tell a story” and where tailored experiences can be created. The hospitality company has already introduced its mid-market lifestyle concept, Cloud7 Residences, in AlUla, with a contemporary lodge that includes secluded bungalows and farm-to-fork dining.

“We take immense pride in operating Dar Tantora by The House Hotel, a location that seamlessly weaves AlUla Old Town’s cultural legacy with the comfort of modern luxury,” says Marloes Knippenberg, chief executive of Kerten Hospitality.

“At Kerten Hospitality, our dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences resonates with the commission's objective of creating harmonious communities, and we eagerly look forward to playing a significant role in the region’s development.”

Updated: June 02, 2023, 6:26 AM