What sort of mean-spirited loser steals a baseball from a child's grasp?

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Well, this bloke here does, for a start.At last night's MLB match between the Miami Marlins and the Milwaukee Brewers, a foul ball found its way towards the crowd, where a couple of kids were eagerly waiting to try and catch it, claiming a memorable souvenir of the game.

Until cheeky chops up there blocks in front of them to claim the ball for himself.  Then gleefully jig away up the stairs, leaving a decidedly cheesed off-looking wee lass behind.

Thankfully there's a bit of a happy ending, since the Brewers - noting her disappointment at being gazumped by a grown adult who should know better - threw another ball up to her to make sure she didn't leave empty handed.

A nice gesture from the team, which ran out 8-5 winners in Miami.  And certainly more heartwarming than yer man pictured - and caught on video by the MLB behaving in such a heelish manner.  Hope you're suitably ashamed of yourself, son.