Pacquiao wins on points

Manny Pacquiao retained the WBO welterweight champion of the world on points, 120-108, 119-109, 119-109.

Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines throws a left to the body of Joshua Clottey of Ghana during the WBO welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
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Manny Pacquiao successfully defended his title as WBO welterweight champion of the world with a points victory on Saturday night. As it happened

In the opening round Pacquiao asserted his authority on Joshua Clottey in the bout at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Clottey tried to return strongly in the second round, but met a flurry of punches from Pacquiao and a solid uppercut. The man from Ghana returned with his own uppercut, but it was not enough to take the round from Pacquiao. Clottey came out on the attack in the third, landing a set of rights to Pacquiao. Finding his range he lets fly with an uppercut that connects. Clottey managed a small lead on the round, making the score two rounds to one in Pacquiao's favour. In the fourth round Pacquiao danced around Clottey before unloading on his opponent. His blows were met by a solid defence. Pacquiao landed strong head and body combinations, but Clottey stood firm. Into the fifth and Clottey let fly with a right that failed to connect, which allowed Pacquiao to land a counter punch. Clottey made up for it with a left and right combination. A late flurry from Pacquiao bounced off Clottey's gloves. Pacquiao starts the sixth by immediately circling Clottey looking for a gap in his defences. But Clottey held firm and backed him into the ropes, unleashing a left and right combination. Pacquiao hit back with his own combination. It was hit for hit, but Pacquiao takes the round. Round seven and Pacquiao comes out fighting; Clottey though responds with a body, head, body combination. Both fighters take it easier in the eighth round. There is a clash of heads but no damage to either fighter. A right from Pacquiao rocks Clottey, who is beginning to show signs of weakening. Round nine and Pacquiao appeared to sense victory but Clottey did not seem to have got the message and delivered a combination that has Pacquiao adopting a defensive stance. Pacquiao responds with a lightning fast body and head combination. Three rounds to go and Pacquiao landed a body blow that backs Clottey up then hit him with a series of intense jabs which connected with Clottey's wrists. Clottey unleashed a right that drew a gasp from the crowd. He made a solid stand and connected a left uppercut that momentarily dazed Pacquiao, who fired back with a blow that seemed to hurt Clottey to end round ten. Round 11 and Clottey looked to need a knockout to win. The crowd is chanting "Manny, Manny". The stadium roof opened to herald Round 12. A left from Clottey and another clash of heads as Pacquiao looked to land a big punch. Pacquaio delivered and Clottey responded with a flurry. The crowd was on its feet and both fighters hugged before the bell. Both fighters gave it everything. It is Pacquiao's victory as the judges score it 120-108, 119-109, 119-109.