Haye has doubts over July bout with Wladimir Klitschko

The British fighter says the claims Klitschko will fight Dereck Chisora on April 30 and then box against Haye in July are 'nonsense'.

Haye does not believe Wladmir Klitschko, who fought only once in 2009 and twice in 2010, will fight two bouts in 63 days in 2011.
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Wladimir Klitschko says he plans to fight Britain's David Haye on July 2 but the Briton doubts the rival heavyweight champion will face him so soon after fighting his compatriot Dereck Chisora on April 30.

The Ukranian, appearing in New York, said he will fight three times this year and indeed defend his International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Organization crowns against the World Boxing Association champion Haye on July 2.

No venue has yet been set for the fight, Klitschko told New York's Newsday newspaper.

Klitschko, 55-3 with 49 knockouts, plans to fight Chisora in Germany just 63 days before he says he will meet Haye.

"It has been cleared that we will fight on July 2. We have the TV date, which is important," Klitschko told the newspaper.

"I don't want to wait too long because my last fight was in September. I want to stay active. I'm the champion so I'll take Chisora in April and David Haye in July."

No foe has been set for a third Klitschko fight, although he mentioned Polish fighter Tomasz Adamek as a possibility.

Haye, meanwhile, sent out a statement that spoke about a July 2 fight with Klitschko in the past-tense and said that he sees no way Klitschko will fight Chisora and Haye so close together.

"Klitschko claims he will fight both Chisora and I, but it's nonsense," Haye said. "Are we expected to believe that a fighter that competed only once in the whole of 2009 and twice in 2010 is now going to box twice in a matter of nine weeks?

"A bout with me is the most lucrative, meaningful and dangerous fight Wladimir has ever had, not some throwaway tune-up. Wladimir won't fight anybody nine weeks after Chisora, let alone me.

"I now need to look for a fight of my own beyond April. Presumably Wladimir is expecting me to fight in either May or June and then face him in early July. It's ridiculous."

Haye also warned there will be no second chances for Wladimir or his brother Vitali, the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion.

"If the fight doesn't happen now it never will. I'm done with the Klitschkos," Haye said. "I know I can retire later this year with my head held high, knowing I did everything in my power to make these fights happen."