Business Extra: Tesla's new cybertruck and the future of transport

The most-talked about impact of Elon Musk's new cybertruck was that made by a steel ball into its armoured windows at an unveiling event this weekend. Look beyond this minor hiccup, though, and the widespread interest in the truck's launch says much more about the growth of the electric car market.

In this week's edition, Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner take a look at the future of transport, speaking to Yunshi Wang, who is director of the China Centre for Energy and Transportation of UC Davis, about the impact of the electric car on the cities around us.

We also look at the growing infrastructure being put in place within the UAE to accommodate the growth of electric cars, and the arrival of Formula E in Saudi Arabia.

In this episode:

Kelsey and Mustafa on the Cybertruck & EVs (0m 38s)

Yunshi Wang (14m 30s)

Headlines (28m 05s)

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