Business Extra: e&'s chief on Careem Super App deal

Hatem Dowidar joins Kelsey Warner this week

Telecoms and technology company e&, previously known as Etisalat, signed a $400 million deal to acquire a majority stake in Careem’s Super App at the start of April.

Group chief executive Hatem Dowidar joins Kelsey Warner on the Business Extra podcast this week to explain how the deal will enable the company to offer more digital services to the customer.

The company also believes the deal will provide an important opportunity for revenue growth and diversification over the long term.

The pair discussed e&'s plans to integrate the Super App with its existing products, and Hatem taking on the role as group chief executive during the start of the pandemic.

In this episode:

What made e& to do the Careem Super App deal? (0m 51s)

The integration of FinTech into the Super App (4m 02s)

The market share, the Careem brand and Vodafone (7m 21s)

The role of the Super App in the region (12m 57s)

Updated: May 03, 2023, 8:00 AM