Beyond the Headlines: Riad Salameh's fall from grace

The National

Riad Salameh, Lebanon's former central bank governor, was once celebrated as a “financial wizard” who kept the country’s economy prospering for years. He is now an international fugitive wanted by France and Germany, and sanctioned by the US and the UK.

He is accused of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars in Lebanese public funds, which were funnelled into real estate and other assets across Europe and the US.

The Salameh saga shows how a man was able to capture an institution for his personal gain and that of his inner circle for decades, without raising alarm among auditors, international banks or even central bank employees, until the entire system finally crumbled.

This week on Beyond the Headlines, Nada Maucourant Atallah delves into the story behind Mr Salameh's fall from grace.

Updated: August 25, 2023, 6:20 AM