Golden age of travel

It’s a fascinating time for those want to travel, thanks to connectivity and a great deal of options

Passengers pass through the newly implemented E-Border gate, part of the smart travel system, at the Abu Dhabi International Airport in Abu Dhabi on April 13, 2016. Christopher Pike / The National
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Once upon a time, overseas travel was out of reach for the majority of the world’s population. To fly was to be one of the lucky few who had experienced what it means to be modern. Not any longer.

Statistically, as The National reported yesterday, we are travelling more than ever, thanks to connectivity, accessibility and speed that have rendered the world a much smaller place. Our technological advances have connected everyone and everything, giving us a lot more choices. Now we have instant access to relevant travel information – from the weather and currency exchange rates to air fares, hotel rates and transport options.

Depending on your needs and aspirations, you can do anything your heart desires almost anywhere in the world. From urban exploration and visits to museums, to nature adventures or just meeting family and friends – the world is truly your oyster. You need just two things to travel anywhere these days: time and desire.