From Star Wars to China, Twitter was awash with debate this week

What is buzzing on Arabic social media this week

Arabic social media was buzzing about the visit of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces to China this week. Mohamed Al Suwaidi / Crown Prince Court - Abu Dhabi
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Twitter was buzzing this week. From the announcement of the formation of the Islamic coalition to combat extremism to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s state visit to China, events of regional importance kept users engaged. Other topics included the importance of reading and the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Abu Dhabi.

United against terrorism

Twitter users reacted warmly to the announcement by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi deputy crown price and defence minister, that his country would form a coalition of Islamic countries to combat extremist groups.

Many users argued that the coalition would help strengthen Muslim unity in the fight against extremism.

User @9UY tweeted: “King Salman united Muslims to stand against terrorism.”

Faisal Huraiz of SkyNews Arabia (@FaisalHuraizSKY) thought this was a smart move, tweeting that the coalition will help establish an umbrella organisation for fighting extremism.

Yaqoob Al Raisi (@PEP_144) tweeted: “This coalition helped put those countries who support terrorism in the spotlight. The kingdom did very well with this move.”

Official visit to China

Emiratis shared their thoughts on the visit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Price of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to China and how the sons of the late Sheikh Zayed are following in his footsteps by having friendly relationships with countries around the world. Many users compared Sheikh Zayed’s 1990 visit to China with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s trip to the Asian giant.

Ibrahim Bahzad (@ibahzad) posted on Twitter: “Mohammed bin Zayed followed the steps of his father by doing what is best for the UAE and strengthening ties with other countries.”

Aref Omar (@aref_omar) shared two photos, one of Mohammed bin Zayed in China and the other of Sheikh Zayed in the same country, and wrote: “The difference between these two photos is twenty five years of achievements.”

He added “This was a historic visit that is best for the future of the economy of both countries.”

Dr Ali Al Noaimi (@Dralnoaimi) said: “China visit shows the strategic vision of the UAE to serve the benefits of the Emirates, Gulf countries and Arabs.”

Mouza Ghubash (@MouzaGhubash) tweeted: “This is another step in the history of UAE diplomacy and the economy.”

Bookish pursuits

Reading was a big topic on Twitter this week with hashtags about the importance of reading saturating the social media platform. Many users argued that reading was the best way of expanding the horizons of the mind.

Neel wa Furat (@neelwafurat) tweeted: “Sometimes we read to escape the miseries of life.”

Haya NK (@1966_hnhn) tweeted: “Why do you eat? To nourish your body. Reading nourishes your mind.”

Rawan Al Ghamdi (@rawanalghamdi) said: “Reading is healing, reading is medicine, reading is a refuge from ignorance, grief and absence.”

Al Wsm (@wsm_1233) said: “reading is the food for the mind, it is another life to humans, it expands the horizons of knowledge and culture.”

Srean Al Thbete (@sreanalthbete88) offered an advice to parents: “We educate our kids in the best schools but we forget something very important, to teach them the love of reading.”

Al Ostora (@alostora24) argued that reading helps people understand how others think. “Reading is like going for a walk in other people’s minds.”

Hollywood blockbuster

Local Star Wars fans rejoiced at the regional premiere of the latest addition to the storied franchise.

Yaqoob Al Raisi (@PEP_144) tweeted: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens is screening at midnight in Abu Dhabi. I am as excited as a child.”

@KeepingUpWithN shared the same enthusiasm: “At the premiere of Star Wars in Abu Dhabi. So excited.”

CNN reporter Jon Jensen (@jonjensenCNN) captured the importance of the film for the UAE when he wrote: “Star Wars puts Abu Dhabi on Hollywood’s map.”

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